Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vostok Europe Now Official Watch of Greek Football Club Panathinaikos

Vostok Europe became an official watch of legendary Greek football club Panathinaikos.

Vichos Watches Co., the exclusive distributor of VE in Greece, signed a long-term contract with merchandising company Greenteam S.A. for production of official Panathiaikos watches and distribution them in specialized Panthinaikos and regular watch shops in Greece.

The ceremony of presentation of the two first official watches of Panathinaikos from VE was arranged at the last day of Athina Watch Fair on 21 of November.

Two legendary football players – the goal keeper of Panathinaikos and of the Greek National Team Alexandros Tzorvas and the captain of Panathinaikos Djibril Cise took part in presentation and signed autographs for multiple fans of Panathinaikos football team.

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