Saturday, November 27, 2010

Long-Awaited Anchar Diver's Watches Available in December

The long-awaited Anchar watch line by Vostok-Europe will be ready for shipment in December.

The watch is named after the world’s fastest submarine, the Russian K-162 “Anchar”, which reached a world record speed of 44.7 knots (82.8 km/h). Built to be a super-fast attack sub, the titanium hulled Anchar served the Soviet navy at the height of the Cold War and still holds speed records today.

Designed as the first Vostok-Europe timepieces for deep diving, the new Anchar line of watches reflect the spirit of their namesake. Every detail of the watch construction was built to correspond to special ISO 2281 standards for divers’ watches:

- NH25 automatic movement (made by SII Company, Japan) constructed on 12 jewels with central second hand and single calendar
- Stainless steel 48 mm diameter case. Thickness – 16 mm
- Water resistant - up to 300 meters (30 atm).
- 16 tritium green and yellow tubes on the dial and hands
- Genuine leather strap integrated to the watch case
- Optional silicon strap integrated to the watch case
- Screw driver of TORX standard for interchanging straps
- Shockproof and water-resistant dry box for storage of all accessories of Anchar watch set

The first edition of Anchar watches was successfully tested by officers of NATO Underwater Demolition Units and scientists of the Greek Institute of Marine Archeology.

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