Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Julian Kampmann, Russian Watch Expert in Germany

Julian Kampmann is a russian watch expert based in Munich, Germany. He sells Aviator, Vostok and Buran watches via his website, If you check around the web you'll see he receives many favorable comments from his customers.

Here's more information on direct from Julian:

I've been trading with russian watches since 1992 nonstop and opened my online shop in 1998. Before that I sold them via printed catalogue.

I have about 400 different russian watch models on stock (about 250 models online) and usually have over 1200 russian watches on stock. This is important for me because I know that the customer would prefer to have the watch on the next day. In most cases I can send on the next day of the purchase.

I ship worldwide – I do have only 40% customers within Germany and the rest worldwide, specially France, Britain, Benelux, but also Australia, USA, Canada, etc.

And (most important normally for the customers) I try to really do my best in customer service. I offer a 2 year warranty, inexpensive repair service and most of all intensive answering of all possible questions for the customers, because many have no idea about russian watches or don't know what to buy.

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