Thursday, February 12, 2009

NIKA Jewelry Watches

I received the following email today with some interesting information about a company called NIKA Jewelry Watches. They manufacture gold watches with Swiss and Japanese movements. The company is based in Moscow.


"NIKA Jewelry Watches” has been developing luxury gold wristwatch sales in Russian Federation since 2003 and has thus acquired an extensive expertise in creating TOP quality real gold wristwatches (only Swiss and Japanese movements provided) in a very affordable price segment. Having based on the features demanded by very spoilt Russian customers and market we have been growing rapidly and now have reached a level of production enabling us to introduce our products in US and EU markets with a big boom.

Our designs range up to 820 pieces and each month we produce more than 15000 top quality Gold and Silver wristwatches with having more than 4000 retail points all around Russian Federation. At the moment we have more than 400 employees, many of them professionals with more than 40 year work experience in watch business.

...Moreover we have received many international awards in high end jewelry wristwatch design and recognition from publishers all around Europe and Russia.

We have a special website created and tailored for US market, (, but we are still working on it as the translations made there are terrible and I do apologize for that, it will be improved in days to come. Please see both websites (.com and .ru) for better picture.

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JBN Gems said...

it is the best watches ever! gorgeous!~:)